Sunday, September 7, 2014

Swimming with Ghosts

We had a very different investigation last Saturday night, August 30. Frankly, each investigation is unique, but there are always certain similarities with how the communications are handled and how they work. We use KII's, of course, and my trigger object, the Raggedy Ann doll that Aunt Belle named Anna Lee. We also have had a lot of success with those flashlights that screw on and off. SRT's equipment tech, Timmy, has a rempod, and we were using that, also, on Saturday night.
Did we have a lot of success with this equipment: Nope, hardly any at all. I don't think our flashlights have ever let us down, except for one night out at Dry Creek. (See, never say never, or ever, as this case is.) This night, however, it took a long while for the ghosts to start using the flashlights to communicate, and then it was sporadic. Sometimes we weren't sure if we were getting a response or just a random flicker of light. We didn't have much success talking back and forth into the other dimension at all. I admitted that I wasn't "hearing" the ghosts this time, although I was getting visuals that matched the descriptions of some known former occupants of the house. I thought it was just me, but Floyd wasn't having any luck, either, and mentioned this several times. I think Sarah had more than the both of us combined did.
This happens at times. I have no explanation. However, SRT has been talking about going back again, when the moon is in a different stage. This is a definite possibility, if we can work out our schedules, as well as fit another investigation into the homeowners' timeframe.
The investigation was in Palestine, Texas, and the house we spent the night at was beautiful, built in 1876. We met two fascinating people, the owners, Nina and Havis Tatum. The Tatums gave us permission to use their names and even show their house. So here is a photo of this gorgeous place, which covers half of a city block. There is the main house (in the first photo, with Floyd and Havis Tatum) and a smaller "guest house" next door that is part of the property (in the second photo).

The swimming pool is in back, and there's a nice deck and back yard area around the pool. The Tatums stayed up with us most of the night, and they truly enjoyed being part of our investigation. There were also six dogs and several cats, but you would not believe how well-behaved the animals were; we enjoyed them, to our distraction at times <smile>.
I'll write up a more detailed report for the next set of ghost hunting diaries, and I will be getting a report to the Tatums, hopefully next week. We had some equipment problems, so are just now getting to the evidence review. But as to swimming with the ghosts….
The Tatums said that several times they would be in the pool late at night, having a glass of wine at the side of the pool and just talking. One of them would "feel" something go past, brush their leg or get their attention in some way; but neither would say anything, at first. Later, once out of the pool, one would mention it, and the other would say, "You felt it, too? So did I!"
Another night, they told us, they watched the beach balls do strange things. There was absolutely no wind, but the balls would float one way in the pool, change direction, float another way, again and again. I think they said they watched this for an hour or so.
So, of course, nothing would do but Sarah and I go swimming around the time these things happened. O.K., it took me a bit of wheedling to get Sarah to swim, also, but I talked her into it. At 12:30 that night, she and I went into the water. Brrrr! It was rather cold at first, but really nice after a minute or so, when we were used to the water temperature.
At least until about 1:15 a.m. That's when I joined Sarah on the side of the pool where Nina and Havis had their chats. That water turned so freezing cold, it drove us out of there fairly quickly!
We moved out into the middle of the pool, where it was a little warmer, as well as deep enough that we couldn't touch bottom. We had a couple of those noodles things, and we drifted there for quite a while. Now, there was no breeze. The Tatums had those two big beach balls in the pool, and they stayed over at the head of it, just sitting there. But Sarah and I didn't. First we were pushed toward the beach ball side of the pool, then back the other way. Then back toward the beach balls, then sideways. Not just one of us, both of us.
Finally, I looked at Sarah and said, "Is something pushing you?"
"Yes! Is it doing it to you?" she asked.
"Yep," I said.
This happened several times and the water kept growing colder and colder around us. Finally, we gave up and jumped out to sit in the hot tub for a half hour or so. Wonderful! Luxury! It was hard to leave that hot tub, but we finally did around 2 a.m.
We didn't last long after that before we went to bed, since we still weren't getting any communications. However, there was no doubt that we'd actually been swimming with ghosts. Like I said, a different experience on this investigation.
By the way, the Tatum's house is for sale! Just letting y'all know.
Dead Man Ohio is making its way to the various ebook venues. I put up the ones for Kindle, Nook and Smashwords last week, but will repeat those. Now, it's finally at Apple, so I'll include that. I'm still waiting for Kobo to get it up.

 Thanks for the neat feedback I'm getting on Facebook. And thanks very, VERY much for making the book climb to #53 in the Amazon paid list for ghosts! I love y'all dearly. If y'all get a chance, do add your review on the site where you purchased the book. Now, I'm going to get going on another set of diaries and a Halloween story, then finish Silent Prey.
Stay safe, and look how close we're getting to Halloween!
T. M.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dead Man Ohio!

Heading out on an investigation this afternoon, but wanted to put this up first. This is where it's up so far. Hopefully, Apple and the others will follow suit soon.
Y'all enjoy! Will work on another set of diaries next.
T. M.

There's a monster under the bed! No, wait, it's too big to fit there. It's stealing Alice's car! Our intrepid crew of ghost hunters is at it again, this time in Ohio, where ghosts from the state's long-standing history roam the woods, and mythological beasts exist only in lore. Or do they?
Twila's trying to handle this situation on her own, unaware the entity that's shadowing her is a test for even her formidable abilities. It's Jack who spots the weird creature in Twila's little red car, after he arrives in Ohio to spend some time fishing with Twila's husband Jess. As soon as Jack calls them, Alice and Granny pack up what they need to help, along with Trucker and Miss Molly, and hie-tail it to Yankee land.
Twila's beautiful old farmhouse on the edge of deep Ohio woods filled with historical burial mounds is too peaceful to be dangerous. Or perhaps that's what lulls the local residents into believing their lives are as serene as those of the Amish residents with whom they co-exist. It takes the capture of a murderer and the exposure of a hidden society of clever creatures to sort this new adventure out.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Barney and a Ghost

It's not very often that my hub experiences the ghosts here at the house, but it does happen once in a great while. There have been times when I'm fairly certain he's experienced something, but he explains it away somehow. The other night, a week or so ago, he couldn't explain this one away.
We were both in bed and he was asleep while I read on my Kindle. Suddenly he woke up said, "What do you want?"
"I don't want anything," I said. "Why?"
By then he was more awake and he realized I was too far away from him for what he'd just experienced. He said, "Someone just shook me, hard. Woke me up."
"Just one of the ghosts," I said, but I chuckled as I went back to reading. I think it took him a while to go back to sleep that night.
The past two weeks have been busy, busy, so that's why such a short ghost story this time, although it is true. We went to St. Francisville last week and stayed until Sunday with my friend, Dianna Miller. She owns what I call an old Cajun store near where she lives, north of town. We had an awesome investigation on Friday night, and even more amazing things happen at her house. I'll be writing about those in the next diary volume.
I'll be involved in an overnight investigation Saturday night at the Beckham Hotel. Mostly, I just need to be available in case someone needs me. Selena Roane of Fear Paranormal will be in charge, and all the funds we raised are going to Connie Meissner for the restoration of this wonderful historic place.
Once that is complete, my plate is pretty much cleared to start totally focusing on the Beckham Spirit Fest on October 18. Well, after we do another investigation in Palestine next week, August 29. We're going over to do a pre-walk-through first, today, which is the day I'm writing this.
The Beckham Spirit Fest is turning out to be a fantastic event for being the first major public event at the hotel since it closed down in the mid-1980's. There was another owner in between, who tried restoring the hotel but didn't manage to do so. Then Connie Meissner came along about a year and a half ago, and things are continuing to move forward.
The Beckham Spirit Fest is a half-day paracon of speakers, vendors, readers, and others involved in the paranormal field. I'm going to show you our flyer, and you'll see we have some dynamite speakers. After the half-day paracon, we'll do three ghost hunts in town. One will be in the hotel. One will be at the town's Chamber of Commerce building, which used to be a bank and which I can confirm is haunted. The other one will be at the city's cemetery, a beautiful sprawling graveyard. Again, SRT has investigated there, and we got some great communications from across the veil. We've got people coming from all over Texas, plus some from surrounding states. I can guarantee you a wonderful time.

I anticipate getting Dead Man Ohio up for sale next week! I'm doing the final edit right now. So keep your eyes peeled.
Now back to my busy schedule. Stay safe, and….
T. M.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Recent Sad One

This happened late last year, a month or so prior to Christmas. However, I pass by this place nearly every day, so I'm reminded often. It's one of those stories about which it takes some thought before I put it down for others to read. I think it's time now to do that.
We had a really horrible incident here in town. A man hyped up on drugs went on a rampage, killing four people. The last person he shot and killed was a young man who is the subject of today's story. The drugged up man went into a small convenience store on our town's main street and shot the clerk there, a man who had a wife and very young son. Our entire town was both outraged and upset over these killings, but at least the drugged up man was captured and charged with the murders he committed.
However, whenever Angela or I would pass by that small convenience store, we could feel the young man still lingered on this side of the Veil. It was probably a result of his traumatic death, plus wanting to be with his wife and son again. We talked about this often, and with the rest of the SRT crew, decided we needed to try to figure out some way to unobtrusively go down where this happened and help the poor young man cross over. We finally decided we would just have to park as near as we could get to the store and hopefully make contact to show him how to cross into The Light.
However, before we could accomplish this, I was sitting at my computer one day, looking out my window, which faces east. East is the direction I always use to help souls cross over, and there have been several instances when I'm drawn out of whatever I'm doing and sense someone around me who needs to cross. It doesn't take much those times for me to open a door and feel them go, always gratefully acknowledging my help with a thank you before they enter the doorway to The Light.
This day, I felt someone terribly upset here, and I had no problem knowing it was this young man. He was not hesitant at all about saying to me, "I am ready to cross into The Light. Please help me do that."
At times, a soul is hesitant, but there was nothing like that in the feeling I got. Therefore, I didn't pause or question him. I looked out my window and gladly opened yet another door in the east, then mentally started to talk to the man, assuring him all he had to do was go up that golden path and through the door. He didn't need my urging at all. Instead, he thanked me profusely and raced up the pathway. As always, I left the door open for any other souls who wished to cross over, but I didn't immediately go back to what I'd been doing.
When he first showed up hadn't been the time to question anything about how he knew to come here, or why he thought I was the one who could help him. I didn't know this man. The only time I recall going into that little convenience store was years ago, most certainly not since this young man had started working there. Our local paper indicated his employment was much more recent than that. So I pondered, but felt it was something I would never have an answer to.
The next time I drove by the store, I felt the peace. The man definitely was not lingering there any longer. I continued to see if I could sense the turmoil of a troubled soul there each time I passed the store for the next week or so. Then one day I asked Angela, "Have you been by the convenience store where the man was killed recently?"
"Yes," she said. "But he's finally gone."
"I know," I told her. "He actually came to my house one day and I helped him cross over. I have no idea how he knew to come to me. I never met the poor guy."
She looked at me for a long moment, then nodded. "It worked then. I'm the one who told him to come see you. I was down by there one day and he made contact with me. Since I'm not comfortable trying to do a cross over myself, I explained to him how he could still go into The Light and be happy. That he could come back and see his wife and son. Then I told him where you lived and said he should try to find you. I guess he did."
"How awesome," I said. "Yes, he did find me."
Had I not mentioned this to Angela, I might never have known the entire story behind this young man coming to me for help. But it's one of those incidents that I'm very pleased to have been a part of in the paranormal side of my life.
Dead Man Ohio is making its way back to me from my readers. I'm hoping to have it up for sale soon, probably soon after the middle of August. I just want to make sure it will be a really enjoyable read for everyone. Also, in relation to that, I'm finally gathering emails for a newsletter. If you want to be on my list, send me your email address at, or PM me on Facebook, whichever is more convenient.

The actress reading Dead Man Talking for the audio version is getting close to the end of it, also. Shelley Johnson is so wonderful! I love the way she's bringing my characters to life so individually, giving them a voice to match how I felt they would sound. I'm anticipating the audio version should be ready before the end of August, also, and I'm hoping Shelley will do the other three books, also.

Dead Man Talking Audio Cover

There may not be a blog next week, unless I have time to get one written early and can upload it late Sunday. The crew and I are heading out to that investigation over by St. Francisville, Louisiana. Timmy and I will be leaving on Thursday, with Floyd and Sarah to follow the next day. I think this will be a really cool investigation, as well as a trip when we can get in some fun and relaxation. So I'll catch you again as soon as I can!
Stay safe, and ….
T. M.

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