Sunday, October 12, 2014

Writing Ghost

Each year, I understand that the Veil thins during October, making communication between the dimensions much easier. Each year, some of the incidents surprise me. This year has been no exception, in amongst the busy work of trying to finalize little picky things for the Beckham Spirit Fest.
In that vein, Angela and I went out to Mineola on Friday, Oct. 3 and experienced a lot of activity. We felt several of the ghosts and spirits when we first entered the lobby. One of the strongest incidents, however, was when we started to go into Taste Budz next door to have lunch. Over in the corner of the lobby, near where one of the telephone booth again stands, there was a tall, misty shape.
I glanced at Angela. "Did you see him?"
"Yes," she replied, which I expected. She is extremely sensitive and she always seems to see whatever I do.
It possibly might have been the man who killed himself in the adjacent phone booth, the one that was burned after he died in it. This is a picture of the bloodstain on the lobby floor, beside where the phone booth now stands again.

He also may be the same person as the disgruntled ghost on the second floor, which could be confirmed from what happened next. We went into the restaurant and ordered, then Connie came to join us and ask if we would come back on Wed., October 10, when Joan Hallmark from KLTV in Tyler wanted to do an interview at the hotel. Just after we got that set up, Darlena, the owner of Taste Budz, came over and knelt by our table.
"Connie," Darlena said, "are the men working upstairs right over our restaurant?" When Connie indicated she didn't think they were, Darlena went on, "There was a horrible smell here a minute ago. At first, it smelled like someone had opened a can of fish. Then it smelled burned. It was really strong and some of the customers noticed it."
Connie left to check with the workers, returning shortly to say, "No one is working in that area of the hotel."
Angela and I continued to eat, but both of us started catching that smell, but not as strong as Darlena had seemed to indicate. Then I recalled seeing the misty shape by the phone booth and explained to them what Angela and I had seen.
"I'm getting the name Herman," I said, "and I think he's also the disgruntled ghost on the second floor. As soon as we're done eating, we'll go up there and I'll cross him over."
Which we did, and when we went to the hotel on Wednesday, the report was: no more smells! However, we did have another incident that day during the TV interview. These are pictures take during the interview.
Joan Hallmark and her cameraman, Ken
You can see the top of the phone booth between their heads.
Becky Penrod, Joan Hallmark, Me, Connie
Becky Penrod, Joan Hallmark, Angela, Connie

Joan Hallmark went up to the second floor to do the part of her interview with Becky Penrod, who owned the Beckham for a while. Angela and I was trying to stay out of the way and listen when Connie beckoned us to come into another of the room. There were two of the glass top tables from the Ballroom in there. In one of them, a word was written.
"I was up here yesterday and there was nothing written on that table," Connie said. "And no one has been in this end of the building since then. Also, my workers are all Hispanic, and we've had them with us for a dozen years or more. None of them can write in English."
The word on the table was: Chris, written in cursive letters, although the letters were each separated. This is a photo of what we found.
"C h r i s" written in dust
I contacted Chris Rhodes, whose grandfather managed the Beckham for many years. Chris has some astounding experiences there, one of which left him pretty shaken, since he was only about six when it happened. I'm fairly certain this message was for that Chris, and he's asked us to look into it more when we return to the hotel the next time.
Yes, it's been hectic, so I still don't have the ending on Deliver Us From Evil completed. I'm hoping to at least get it up before Halloween this year, but it might be tight. I'm trying, though. I don't want to miss this yearly tradition. Next year, things will be more organized for the Beckham Spirit Fest and my time schedule. I promise.
In the meantime, stay safe during this time of year!
T. M.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ghosts and Hub Again

It's been another of those crazy, no-time weeks. Hub and I didn't even have time to talk about what happened to him until after the fact. I'd been home from FenCon a couple days before he mentioned it.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you what happened while you were gone," he said to me.
"Uh oh," I replied, thinking it was some problem with the house. Since it's quite an old home, I couldn't be blamed for the first thought that crossed my mind.
"No, it's something you're going to like hearing about," he said, evidently catching my hesitation.
"Then do tell me," I said.
"Well, I was taking a nap Saturday afternoon and something woke me up. I heard footsteps coming into the bedroom, and at first I thought it was our dog. Then something fluttered over my face, sort of tickling me before it covered me."
He laughed. "Then I figured it was our son, Kelly, since you know how he likes to play tricks."
"But it wasn't?" I asked.
"Nope. I grabbed it off my face and saw it was one of the tissues from that box you keep here on the dresser beside the bed. I tossed it onto the floor and started to go back to sleep. A few seconds later, it dropped over my face again!"
"Wow," I said.
"Wow, yes. It was the same tissue, because I sat up to tell Kelly to quit that. I looked all around. There was no tissue on the floor, so it had to be the same one. And I sat up immediately after the second time that thing landed on my face. So there was definitely not time enough for Kelly to have hurried out of the bedroom or out of sight. I even got up and looked all through the house. Kelly's truck was gone, so he wasn't even home!"
"One of the ghosts," I said with a laugh.
I think he rather enjoys having our paranormal residents make themselves known to him … sometimes. Other times, he tattles on them and I have to give them a warning about how I can discipline them, if needed.
Just one more tidbit for today. As I was typing my blog, I heard someone walk through the dining room and into the kitchen. I assumed it was hub or son, since I'd made them a pot of coffee. But when I got up from the computer a while later, I found hub still in bed but awake. He informed me he hadn't been up yet or in the kitchen.
Then I checked with son, who was just out of the shower. "No, I haven't been out of my room yet this morning."
Huh. Whoever this is, he's got loud footsteps! Aunt Belle will be here week after next, so we'll see what she can "see."
I was hoping to have the Halloween story done by now, but most writers will tell you that family obligations come first. And it's been a week full of that. However, I do think I've settled on a title: Deliver Us From Evil. I do like Death Whispers and Hounds of Destiny, also, so maybe those title will spark a couple more stories.
I'll be PM'ing the folks who helped me decide through Facebook.
Lots going on at the Beckham, also. We've got the Spirit Fest, of course, and things are filling up fast. There are only a few slots left on the Chamber and Cemetery ghost hunts, and a couple vendor tables available.
Angela and I went out to talk to Connie on Friday and finalize (as much as possible) the Spirit Fest plans. Here's a picture of Connie and me in the lobby, showing some of the railroad theme decorations Connie chose for the decorative theme.

Angela and I will also be going back out on Wednesday to be with Connie during an interview for one of the Tyler television stations. Connie said the reporter wanted "…someone available that could talk about the paranormal aspects of the hotel." Well, Angela and I can both do that!
Also, Audible sent me some codes for free audio books, hoping to garner some reviews for Dead Man Talking. So if you like audio books, give me a PM on Facebook or email at The sales have been taking off on this one, so I guess people are definitely interested in it. Shelley Lynn Johnson is working on Dead Man Haunt next. She told me that, "It looks like another fun read." I'm enjoying her enjoyment of my books, for sure!
Here are the Dead Man Talking audio book links again.

It's available at the links below the cover:

Remember, that Veil is thinning during October. When we were at the Beckham, we personally had several experiences, very strong ones. We also heard about several other paranormal incidents that had happened in the past few days. I've made some notes on them and will report next week. Seeing ghosts is fun for a lot of people, but let's don't forget to ….
Stay safe!
T. M.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Voices and FenCon

Wow, what a weekend. I went to the FenCon conference and roomed with Angela. While I didn't run across any paranormal happenings, as I have previously, it was a lot of fun. 
At the Simmons household, there's been something going on, and I still haven't figured it out. Hub always sets the TV timer and falls asleep with Letterman on. After he zonks out and the TV is silent, I read until I get sleepy, which can sometimes be a couple hours. But things have been sort of weird around here during those hours this past week. At first, I thought, Kids are prowling the streets again and talking their heads off. The problem was, I couldn't understand anything they were saying; it was a lot of mumbling. And it didn't move away, as it would have if a group of kids was walking past the house.
This happened virtually every night last week until I left for FenCon. I could tell it was a conversation going on, because there was more than one voice, both female and male, and different tones of voice. It sounded as though there were several men and women talking about … something. I just couldn't understand them well enough to hear what they were discussing, no matter how close I listened.
This is all probably part of the delayed cleansing I need to get my butt in gear and do to the entire house, not just the bedroom. It definitely is on my list for next week. This conversation sounds really interesting, no shouting or arguing in the tones, so I don't feel threatened. I wish I could understand it … or maybe I don't.
As I said, I had fun at FenCon. 

Then there's Angela in her costume for the afternoon/evening:

The main thing about this conference is the load of creativity in the air. There are authors there, but from nearly every imaginable genre: sci-fi, horror, mystery, romance, and lots of mixtures of the various genres. There are also song writers, and you see them with their tablets all over the place scribbling down lyrics or fine-tuning them. And the artists! Not just paintings, but awesome sculptures and pottery. Most of the stuff in the art room is in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, but there are a lot of Dr. Who fans at this conference, also. I sat in on the art auction, and there were some great bargains; there was also a lot of money raised for charity. I brought home a beautiful box carved with a Celtic Cross to store my Tarot cards in, plus a cute, feel-good print of a tiger kitty in a witch's hat, sitting on top of a crystal ball.
The creativity is so thick, dozens of people seem to be jotting down ideas for their personal creative path. Floyd, one of my SRT members, told me he nearly had a new song written. I never leave this conference without either an idea for a new story or, as happened this year, figuring out a problem in a story I was working on.
I had this great idea for this year's Halloween story, but not only did I not have a title for it, the setting just wasn't working. When Angela critiqued what I actually had written, she said, "It's seems like it has a steampunk bent to it, but then it doesn't follow through on that."
Ahhhhh, my muse went, and he also went to FenCon with me. We definitely have that story all worked out now. Well, except for the title. But as soon as I can get a couple other tings out of the road (like this weekly blog), I'm going to sit down and let my fingers fly.
I also met this wonderful lady on Saturday who agreed to be the cover model for this story. Here is Alyssa, and isn't she gorgeous! She's going to be a fantastic Eartha. I'm adding her Facebook page url at the bottom of the photos. The first is from her Facebook page, the other one I took at Fencon.
Here, also, are a few of the titles I've weeded out. I'm leaning toward the first one. However, feel free to comment in the blog or tell me on Facebook if you like one of the others.
Deliver Us From Evil
Dogs of Darkness
Hounds of Destiny
Death Whispers
Hellhound Harbingers

The other news this week is that Dead Man Talking is now an audio book! How cool is that? Shelley Lynn Johnson did a fantastic job narrating it, and she's going to do Dead Man Haunt next. It's available at the links below the cover:

The Beckham Spirit Fest is coming up on us fast. October 18 is nearly here. We've already gotten in quite a few pre-event ticket sales, and the ghost hunts are filling up fast. The one at the hotel is sold out, and the Chamber one only has a few spots left. There are still ten at the cemetery, but if things keep up like this, they'll be gone soon, too. Three are all we have people to lead, and ten participants in each is what they will all be capped at. So holler at me if you'd like to get a reservation.
Hope to see a lot of you there. Also, I don't say this too often, but I'd appreciate any shares of the blog and book information.
The Veil will continue to thin and communications from the spirit world will be more easily accessible. But that also means there might be some unwelcome visitors from the other dimension. Stay safe!
T. M.

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